How Do I Optimize My Yelp Page?

Considering Yelp’s popularity this day and age, it’s time to embrace the site considering how major of an influence it is in the eyes of customers. While you may think your business’ rating on Yelp may be its biggest selling point – which, it could very well be – recent data collected by Yelp could suggest otherwise. According to Yelp, adding a call-to-action, such as “Call Now!” or “Visit Us Today!”, will significantly increase the number of views your business’ page receives. This will then ultimately increase the number of customers your business sees.

Yelp claims that business pages with a call-to-action will see a 33% increase in the number of page views and a 38% increase in customer leads. Call-to-actions could bring users to an order form, custom landing page (such as a contact form on the site), printable coupon, external appointment-making site, or a number of other options. These help entice potential customers into becoming actual customers. Yelp also provides business owners with a number of tracking/conversion metrics to help gauge the success of their Yelp pages. This can be used to test various call-to-actions to determine which ones work best for attracting customers.

Above all, however, the most important aspect of Yelp for business owners is to continue maintaining the company’s rating as high as possible. This includes responding to negative reviews, checking why certain reviews were removed and trying to get them back up, and encouraging happy customers to write a review.

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