How Do I Optimize My Website For Google Discover?

Your business’s SEO strategy should have many moving parts. Not only should you be optimizing your website, but you should revamp your social media profiles and local listings among other things! The different parts of the Google platform are no exception to this rule. You’ve heard about optimizing for Google Maps and Google My Business, but what about Google Discover? It’s just as important to know how to get your business noticed there. So, how do you optimize for Google Discover? We give you some helpful tips below!

Make Your Content Engaging

At a first glance, this might sound like a generic trait that content has. You can write about any topic you want, but if you aren’t aware of how to engage your audience, you’ll never reap the full benefits of Google Discover! To make your content more engaging to your audience, start by using keywords throughout it that you know your audience is searching for. Using informative graphics and videos, emphasizing marketing trends, and asking rhetorical questions are also great ways to draw your audience in. The more engaging your content is, the higher your chances of it being found.

Optimize For AMPs

User experience is a key ranking factor on Google search, and the same thing applies to Google Discover. The biggest draw of accelerated mobile pages, or AMPs, is the fact that they are much faster than a regular page! You can implement AMPs by using plugins on a WordPress website and including AMP tags on HTML based websites. Regardless of what method you use, adding AMPs will improve your user experience and increase the odds of your site being found on Discover.

Competitor Research

Are your competitors appearing on Google Discover but your business isn’t? It may be a good time to do some research! Do a little analysis into what keywords your competitors are using, what strategies they’re utilizing, and how these strategies are so successful. Once you’ve highlighted their strengths, you can adapt them to your own website! These methods have a higher likelihood of success because they’ve already been tested by your competitors.

SEO With Boston Web Marketing

Our team at Boston Web Marketing understands the complexities of developing a good SEO strategy. We can assist you with every part of your SEO strategy and form a personalized plan to take your business to the top of the search result rankings. To maximize the potential of your business getting found, click here to contact us directly!

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