How Do I Optimize My Shopify Site for Google?

Because of the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in e-commerce and online shopping. Many businesses sell products online and have started to use different e-commerce platforms, one of which is Shopify. Shopify is a commerce platform that allows its users to launch and customize their business and sell their products online. Just like your website, your Shopify site will need a great SEO strategy. Continue reading to learn how to optimize your Shopify site and have a big impact on your e-commerce sales. 

Make Your Site User-Friendly

Just like a regular website, your Shopify site must be user-friendly. Having a clear, organized e-store that is easy to navigate is essential for better Google rankings and sales. Organize your products into a few simplified categories. Make sure to provide clear navigation to product pages; it’ll not only make it easy for users to shop, but it will also help Google rank your products. 

Design your site with the customer in mind. Minimizing user frustrations can keep shoppers engaged on your site for way longer, which can lead to more conversions, and help Google rankings. One great way to provide a positive customer experience is to make your site mobile friendly. Fast loading speed, clear images, and easy, clickable buttons will lessen the risk of a high bounce rate. Having a mobile-friendly site will improve your user experience and help you reach a wider audience. 

Perform Keyword Research

Generating high-performing keywords for your site is essential for Shopify SEO. There are plenty of ways to do your research. Google AdWords provides keyword data that you can use to track and optimize. Research phrases that have high conversion rates and strategically plug them into your site. Another great resource for keyword research is Google Search Console. Search Console provides top queries that users search in relevance to your website. Check out your top-performing queries and use those keywords to generate the most revenue. 

Optimize Product Pages

It is important to fully optimize the pages that yield the most conversions (i.e. product pages, home page, contact us, etc.). Edit page titles to Google’s standards: 60 characters with relevant keywords that tell users what the page is about. Use meta descriptions to plug in more keywords and describe the contents of the page further. Keep the description concise and make sure the words flow naturally with valuable information. 

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