How Do I Optimize My Home Page?

You may feel pressured when it comes to making the perfect home page for your new site. The truth is, you should feel a little pressured. The home page is often the first page your potential customers will see and the most visited one on your entire site. Having a homepage that is not aesthetically pleasing or user friendly can lead to a high bounce rate and users leaving the site before even engaging with anything. Let’s talk about ways you can optimize in order to show relevance and value to both users and search engines.  

Basic SEO Elements 

Make sure your homepage incorporates all of the essential SEO elements of an optimized page. You should have a page title that describes the content (H1), followed by subtitles (H2-H6). Create a meta title and description of the page that includes location and business name. All of these elements should mention keywords and phrases most important to your business. 

Alt text 

Add several appropriate images that showcase your products or services. These images should include alt text, which is words or phrases used to describe the image. Alt text allows search engines to better understand what the image is, allowing it to crawl your pictures efficiently. 


A call-to-action is used to quickly engage your customer with a phrase telling them what to do on the page. Your home page should include multiple calls-to-action throughout the text. Position a CTA at the top of the page so your users don’t have to do much searching to find one. Common phrases tell the user to call now, schedule an appointment, or subscribe to the mailing list. 


One of the most important elements of the homepage is the navigation menu. You want to make this easy to find, easy to use, and not too cluttered. Make sure customers can easily navigate through your website without any confusion. A small inconvenience such as a button too small to click on mobile can send a potential customer away in seconds. 


The layout of your page also goes hand in hand with user experience. Add relevant content, but don’t make it too cluttered. Add images, but not too many. The layout should flow nicely, inform the reader, and look aesthetically pleasing. 

Our SEO experts here at Boston Web Marketing can help you make your home page stand out above competitors. Give us a call today to discuss your website!

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