How do I make the most out of my Facebook posts?

Facebook and social media platforms are one of the many aspects used in driving traffic to your website. It is important when posting on social media and specifically Facebook in this instance to maximize how you make your post. A couple aspects that make a perfect Facebook post include, a link, and a brief description.

Linking a Facebook post back to your website is one of the most important steps. One way we like to post on social media is with the help of your blog. A blog offers additional content to your website which drives Google rankings up but it also provides useful information to post throughout social media. With the use of news or blog posts on your website, you are able to offer a back-link to your website. Data from Facebook shows that link posts that use Facebook’s built-in link format receive twice as many clicks than those that just post a photo and type a link next to the photo.




It has been shown that people prefer to click on links displayed in the Facebook link format rather than the other. To share the link in the this format, all you need to do is copy and paste the page URL into the text box. After a few seconds, a box will pop up showing the title, description and an image from your linked page. After this, you can delete the URL in the text box and begin writing a description.

When creating your description try to keep it around 40 characters. A Buddy Media report shows that post with 40 characters tending to have more interaction and engagement. The 40-character description may not seem like a lot, but it’s important to not give too much of the page away. The goal is for the description to be more of a teaser with the hope of captures the attention of readers.

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