How do I know which Keywords Work best for My Website?

Something all business website owners want to know or should want to know is what specific keywords work best in terms of getting ranked higher on search engines. Knowing what keywords work and do not work for your website or industry is essential. If a keyword you are using consistently is not working you need a way to know that and ditch it. On the flip side, if a specific keyword is helping to get you ranked higher on search engines, you want to be aware of that and strengthen the cause.

How to Collect Keyword data

Some of the best online tools to collect keyword data are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Google Search Console is a free and convenient tool to use for SEO purposes. After you set up a Google Search Console account for your website, you can easily track and monitor what is happening on your website. The performance feature on Google Search Console is useful and informative. There you will see what is driving people to your website and what specific search queries are popular in your industry. Google Search Console will help you identify the keywords you should be implementing on your website routinely and how to be strategic.

Google Analytics is exactly what it sounds like. Google Analytics is essentially another free online tool that will show you your website’s statistics over a certain period of time. These statistics are important because this data will help you understand what pages on your website are popular and which pages need work. From there you can look deeper into missed opportunities on your website and where certain keywords are missing on your site. Google Analytics always provides relevant data and statistics. It is a must-have if you have a business website because it will help you stay on top of competitors and assist in highlighting any flaws with your website.

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