How Do I know When the Last Time GoogleBot Crawled my Website?

If you make weekly updates to your website it is important to make sure that Google is checking your site frequently. This will ensure that all the hard work and content that you are producing for your site is being indexed by Google. But how do you know when was the last time GoogleBot crawled your website?

If you have been reading out blog for sometime you will recall that we stress the importance of Google webmasters tools. This small program provides great tools. One of the tools that webmasters tools provides is a last crawl date of your website.

  • Sign into webmasters tools:
  • Navigate to the dashboard and select xml sitemap
  • Here you will see the last time that Google checked you sitemap. This is a good indication of the last time that Google attempted to read the pages of your website

Second Spot:

  • Also in webmasters tools, navigate to the dashboard and locate the crawl drop down menu.
  • Under there is an option for Crawl Stats
  • This page will show you the daily activity of GoogleBot on your site.

Should either of these two pages contain zero activity, your site may not be able to be crawled properly or you may have just launched your website and Google has yet to read it.

By Matthew Wilkos

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