How Do I Know What Pages of My Website are Indexed?

Search engine indexing is a crucial component of SEO success for your company’s online exposure and the overall visibility of your website.  Search engines such as Google will pull keywords and meta-data from page titles and meta-descriptions so that your webpage or site will be retrieved when a user plugs in similar business-related search terms.  So, how can you ensure that you have successfully indexed your site and how do you know what pages of your website are indexed?  There are two approaches you can take in order to answer this question.

1) Enter your Google Webmasters Tools account and access the section where you submitted your sitemap.  The sitemap is the outline for which search engines can see each page of your website, and this section of Webmasters Tools allows you to view the total pages that were submitted and the total pages indexed.  You are also able to use features such as Crawl Errors and Crawl Stats in order to help check the overall progress and health of your website.

2) Use Google Search: this will provide every page of your website that Google can see.  If you discover page(s) of your website are not included in these results, this means that Google cannot see them or they have yet to be crawled.  Simply type into the search bar site: and view your results.

Use one of these two simple strategies to confirm that your site is reaching its full potential and all pages are being indexed by search engines.  Routine check-ups of your site are suggested and can ultimately end up helping you detect any crawl errors that may compromise the overall success of your SEO.



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