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How Do I Know My Content Strategy Still Works?

Having an effective content strategy can determine the organic success of your website. If you have been doing the same things for months upon years, how do you know if your strategy is still effective? The experts at Boston Web Marketing can help provide a variety of content strategies to help elevate your website. 

Learn more about ways to improve your content strategy. 

Experimenting & Testing New Strategies

The only way to know if you need a new strategy is by experimenting. However, do not experiment with your website if it’s not in a good place. You don’t want to affect any traction gained if you aren’t able to overcome some obstacles.

Be sure to determine a proper timeline of what this process will look like. You should look back at specific results 15, 30, 60, and 90 days after launching a new strategy. Additionally, be sure your content is search engine friendly. You may believe you have the best piece of content ever (and you might). However, if it isn’t optimized properly, it will not ever rank highly. 

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about specific traffic, be sure you are using the right tracking tools and monitoring the progress. You won’t ever know if something is growing if you don’t know where it started. 

Analyzing New Content

You will need to create a forecast of growth to determine the effectiveness of new content. Do this by conducting competitive research, reading case studies, or asking groups of people to do pre-reads to get their feedback. 

You can also analyze the impact of new content by conducting keyword research. For example, create a forecast by specific keywords. If you rank highly for x amount of keywords, you can increase traffic by x amount. 

Content Updates

Sometimes, it is easier to simply update older content instead of starting from scratch. For example, go through content from a few years ago that had previously ranked highly. Update it for images, more links, and ensure the content itself is not outdated.

Be sure to relaunch the content on your social media channels to help it reach the most users. See how it does and record your results. Be sure to update additional pieces once the 90 days are finished.

Best Practices

The best practice to use when determining a new content strategy is to record all of your results and the changes you made. Keep in mind seasonality impacts and research search updates, such as algorithm changes. Lastly, be sure to keep in mind the effect of qualitative feedback as well as quantitative. 

Improve your Content with Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we know how important content marketing is to your website. Our experts can help depict your business’s vision and increase traffic to your site. Interested in improving your content? Let us know today. 

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