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How Do I Know if My SEO Strategy Is Working?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, remains one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It is important to remember that SEO results do not occur immediately or overnight. On average, SEO results usually start showing up after three months. With that in mind, three months is a fair baseline to start measuring just how well your SEO strategy is doing. Sometimes you may not know if your SEO efforts are paying off.  Here are five ways to tell if your SEO strategies are working properly a few months in.

1. Your Website’s Organic Traffic Is Rising

Keeping a close eye on your website’s organic traffic numbers is essential. This is because organic traffic indicates users getting to your website after a keyword search query. If you are incorporating certain keywords into your SEO campaign, you can easily see which keywords are driving users to your website via analytics.

2. Your Webpages Are Ranking Higher

Keep track of your webpages ranking when your SEO journey begins. This way, if you notice the web pages ranking higher in search results, you can tell your SEO plan is working. Putting in the necessary SEO work is essential for your webpages to climb in the search rankings. The more search engines like Google trust your website and webpages, the higher it will place them for certain search queries.

3. Increase in Average Web Session Duration

Keeping track of how long users stay on your website is also invaluable. By looking closely at the average web session duration on your website, you will have a strong gauge of user intent. If the average web session duration is increasing, it likely means people are reaching your website when they are searching for information and staying on the site. Low web session duration times are often either spam or users not finding the information they are seeking. The longer average web session duration, the better chance of converting that user into a client or customer.

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