How Do I Know If Google Analytics Is Working?

Analytics has become a huge part of the everyday world. From sports to businesses, analytics offers insightful and helpful information for users of the data. From looking at analytics, users will be able to gather knowledge of what is working and what is not. Analytics highlight strengths but also weaknesses so compiling analytical data is crucial to improvement. It is essential for businesses to not only use Google Analytics but more importantly understand what the numbers mean. Sometimes, Google Analytics can fail to provide the proper data despite being connected to your website. A detrimental occurrence for any business. Here are ways to measure if Google Analytics is working properly for your business.

Test Analytics Once A Month

The “Real-time” section of Google Analytics allows owners to see what the respective website is tracking in real-time. You can run various tests across your website such as viewing certain pages or clicking certain elements. After you run these tests, look at the real-time analytics data and see if your tests went through at that given time.

Look Into Google Tag Manager Account

Google Tag Manager is a free web marketing tool that works hand in hand with Google Analytics.  If you have not done so already, Google Tag Manager allows a user to add their own tags for website conversion tracking. Google Tag Manager allows users to test website tracking just like Google Analytics.

Install And Use Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is another free tool that can help website owners understand if everything is working the way it should. Google Tag Assistant serves as a chrome extension dropdown that will inform users of all Google Tags on that specific page. For example, if you want to check to see if a webpage has Google Analytics tracking and Google Tag Manager installed on it all you would have to do is click on the Google Tag Assistant tab and it will tell you very quickly.

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