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How Do I Keep Users On My Website Longer?

Once your website is showing up in searches and people are clicking on it from the SERP’s, the next step is figure out ways to keep them on your site, engaging with content, and hopefully purchasing your products or services. From content to functionality, there are numerous improvements you can make to your website to encourage users to stay.

Be Clear From the Start

If someone can’t tell what the point of being on your website is, they won’t stay for long. If a user immediately sees that your website is what they were searching for, you are more likely to gain a conversion. Make it clear from the start what your business’s services are, where you are located, and any other information users need to know in order to decide if they need your services. Having as much information as possible front & center on the site will quickly allow users to judge whether your business has what they’re looking for, which is often a split second decision.

Fast PageSpeed

People do not like to wait for a slow website to load, and if it takes too long, they will abandon a page before even seeing it. You should regularly check your website’s speed and make adjustments accordingly – A 3 second or longer loading time is considered too slow. Two easy ways to make your website faster are to minify script and optimize image files.

Improve Your Design

Your website design should be professional and easy to navigate. Use the same easy to read font throughout, and avoid distracting backgrounds behind the text. Use images that correspond with your content, instead of those that distract from it. Create strategic structure throughout your content, making it easy to scan through as well as read in-depth. Too many popups or other spam-like features will make users think your website is not trustworthy, and therefore avoid your business. 

Include Hyperlinks

If your content is interesting, readers will probably want to learn more about certain parts of it. Internally linking to other pages of your site is the perfect way to supplement information while keeping users on your own website. To optimize hyperlink usage, set the link to open in a new tab so that users can still remember and go back to where they started.

Utilize Different Media Forms

Websites that contain images, infographics, and videos are often easier for users to understand and engage with. People are often in a rush, so if you can explain something to a user without expecting them to read through a full paragraph or page, then you should do so. Not only do these media offer you alternatives for describing and demonstrating your services, but they are also more sharable than plain writing.

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