How Do I Keep My Emails from Going to a Recipient’s Spam Folder?

Email campaigns can be an effective and low-cost way to keep in touch with your clientele and announce any news or specials you are looking to promote. Spam filters, however, can be triggered for a variety of reasons, causing your email to skip your recipients’ inbox and land straight into the spam folder. This dramatically decreases the chance of your email even being seen by an existing or potential client, never mind opened & acted upon. One of your #1 goals with email campaigns should be to avoid landing in the spam folder! 

How to Avoid the Spam Folder

Check Your Permissions

Many email platforms, such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, allow you to include a “Permission Reminder” setting on all of your emails. This setting asks your recipient to add your “from” email address to their address book or trusted sender list. This way, when you send an email, you are recognized as a trusted source and will land in their inbox, rather than spam. Before you hit send, make sure to check on this setting! 

Choose Your Wording Wisely

Be careful in what you say in your subject line of an email – Specific negative keywords that are commonly overused can trigger the recipient’s email provider to throw you right into the spam folder. 

What Not to Use in Your Subject Line

  • Sign up free today!
  • Act Now!
  • For Free
  • Call Now!

Immediate calls to action, such as the few examples listed above, are typically associated with a virus or scam of some sort. Avoid those attention grabbers as much as possible, and wait to provide more information in the email’s body before asking the user to sign up for or purchase something. 

Be Consistent With Design

To remain relevant, limit the number of design changes to your various email campaigns. Instead, create one brand image that you demonstrate repeatedly. Recipients want to see consistency, and if you are constantly changing colors and templates, they will not recognize your brand and will no longer care to receive emails from you.

Stay in Touch

Don’t go too long without sending emails. It’s true that sending too many emails can cause opt-outs or even get you sent to spam, however, if you go months without sending an email, chances are your recipient has forgotten about you. This can result in your email being placed into their spam folder or unsubscribing altogether. Keep yourself relevant! 

You might not be able to avoid every spam folder, but there are ways to lower your chances of landing there. If you are not confident in your experience with email campaigning, hiring a professional digital marketing team might be your best bet for creating an effective presence. For help with your business’s online presence, contact the team at Boston Web Marketing today! 

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