How do I Identify Which Pages on my Site to Improve?

Using Google Analytics, there are several ways to identify which pages on your website you should spend time improving. The most important pages on your website are your landing pages and converting pages. Your landing pages are the pages that users use to enter your site. These are typically your home page, pages ranking well in organic search results, and any pages used in pay-per-click ads. Converting pages are the pages with contact forms, product pages, click-to-call buttons, or any other conversions.

In Google Analytics, you can look at your landing pages to identify the pages that are ranking well and bringing traffic to your site. One indication that you should improve your landing pages is if you have a high bounce rate or a low average session duration. This indicates that users do not like what they see when they get to this page. You should improve the visual aspects and content of this page to lower your bounce rate. Additionally, if you see a landing page’s organic traffic going down, you can guess that Google’s algorithms are not favoring the content on your site. You should improve the content on this page to improve it’s rankings.

For converting pages, monitor their conversion rates in Google Analytics. If conversion rates are lower than you projected, you should improve the user experience of these pages. Make contact forms and purchases as clear and simple as possible to improve the conversion rates of these pages.

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