How Do I Identify My Customer’s Concerns?

Starring at the ceiling and questioning the concerns of your customers won’t get you anywhere.  And sitting around doing nothing is not going to solve your customers’ problems.
If you want to solve the issues your customers are facing, you will have to do some research.
Thanks to the age of ask forums and social media, you can get the answers, and questions, you need to improve the quality of your services, as well as your website content.
Besides getting a full view of what pages and services get the most traction by utilizing tools such as Google Analytics, some other key steps to understanding customers include:

  • Looking at your online reviews: The best way to understand your customers is to listen to them. Take a look at your reviews on sites such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google and review the common concerns of your customers.  Receiving any kind of feedback is an open opportunity for you to assess your company’s customer services skills and identify areas of improvement.
  • Going on ask forums: Ask forums such as Quora and Reddit, and joining social groups can help you gain insight on the types of issues customers encounter.  Seeing common concerns allows you to identify and assess the services you offer, or if’s another service that you can provide or learn more about to expand your business.  Seeing frequently asked industry questions is another resource of gaining relevant content for your website by including keywords that’ll help you rank for those specific services.
  • Just asking: Use your social media to spark conversation and ask for customer feedback.  Not only will this give you an opportunity to receive honest feedback, but it also makes you appear more personable to customers who follow you on social media and creates a space where they can feel like their voice matters.

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