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How Do I Get Twitter Followers?

There are a variety of ways to grow your audience on social platforms, but it might be more challenging to attract the right followers. A skyrocketing number of  followers means very little if they aren’t involved, which is why you should do your best to connect with people who are likely to engage with your brand. Whether you just created a Twitter account or you’re looking to expand your existing base of followers, take these suggestions into consideration and enjoy your results.


It’s All About the Content

There’s no secret to a successful content strategy, it’s all about writing engaging and high-quality content. Good writing, for the most part, is what helps increase you reach and attract more followers. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, consider their interests and personalities. To grasp their attention, you need to pay close attention to whether your tweets are engaging or valuable, informative or entertaining. Also, taking into account Twitter’s characteristics, your writing needs to be succinct and well-composed and accompanied by multimedia, where appropriate.



Similarly to other social networks, Twitter dropped the algorithm of chronological feeds.  According to several industry studies, the best time to tweet is considered to be 3 pm on the weekdays. However, everything depends on your brand and your audience: test out different times and note when you get most retweets, likes, and comments.



Learn to create shareable content. Tweet about newest trends that relate to your business, since people will be likely to share sensational things. Make sure you’re not being promotional and pushy with selling on Twitter, change your language into more conversational. Use humor appropriately and make sure it goes along with your brand voice. Make sure to edit everything before you post it and if you’re not sure about something, ask a colleague to proofread.


Extra Tips & Tricks

According to Twitter’s own statistics, tweets with compelling visuals tend to get 35% more retweets on average. Don’t hesitate to use images, GIFs, short videos, but be wise with your choice. Don’t think of Twitter as a selling tool, but focus on its properties as means to create client relationships and brand loyalty. Get insights from your customers through Twitter polls, come up with a great hashtag, partner with influencers and reply to people’s comments.

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