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How Do I Get The Most Out of Using Anchor Texts?

Websites that want a strong SEO imprint should not ignore the concept of implementing anchor text in their respective content. Since anchor text is still a ranking factor, using anchor text is one of the handful of ways your website can rank high on a specific search engine result query. This article will break down how to properly optimize anchor text on a website.

What is Anchor Text & What Does It Look Like?

If you have read an article on a website in the past, you have most likely come across anchor text before. If you are unfamiliar with what anchor text refers to, it is when text appears clickable in a hyperlink format. Once the specific text is clicked on, it will direct the user to the intended separate page. Anchor text is great for SEO purposes because it helps your website build credibility and can take the user to another page on your website.

Beneficial Ways To Use Anchor Text

The text being “anchored” should always be relevant to what it is being linked to. Do not implement anchor text if the wording does not call for it. When it comes to implementing anchor text, it is best to keep it unique. Also keep in mind anchor text should not be wordy. Anchor text should never be a long sentence and irrelevant to what you are linking to. In other words, do not add necessary keywords to your anchor text as this could be detrimental to your websites ranking. Anchor text should describe what users are about to click on in a concise manner.

Anchor Text Frequency

There is technically no right or wrong answer when it comes to how much anchor text should appear in your content. As long as anchor text is used in a relevant manner and not ubiquitous across an article, it will suffice.

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