How do I get my Pinterest page in the SERPs?

The online pin board, Pinterest, continues to gain in popularity, even gaining traction in male users, but how do you get your page to start showing up in on the search results pages?  Here are some tips:

1) Make sure to set up your page as a business account, make sure to verify it and use a name that makes sense for your business.  What will people search for?

2) In your account settings, make sure that you have allowed access  to the search engines.

3) Be sure to name your photos and use your key words and strong descriptors for those names.  Again, think of what people may be searching for.  This is also true for your board names.  Select names wisely for best results.

4) Make sure to add PinIt buttons to your own site.

5) Make sure your links work from your pins.  Nothing is worse for a user than getting an error when they try to follow a link.

Following guidelines like these can help to get your Pinterest page(s) into the search results and build more exposure for your business.

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