How Do I Get My Followers to Engage More on Social Media?

For social media marketers, you can’t measure the success of your social media based on just the number of followers you have. It has to be based more on the engagement you are receiving from your followers. Are they sharing, liking, commenting, and interacting with your posts? If not, you need to work on your social media marketing strategy to ensure your posts are inspiring engagement with your followers. The more people engage with your brand and business the more potential customers you can reach. Here are some tips to encourage your followers to engage more:

Make Your Posts Worth Paying Attention To

Unless your posts are interesting, no one is going to pay attention to them. Provide your followers with content that is entertaining, contains resources and services, and provides solutions. When a post has information that is beneficial to the follower, they are more likely to interact with the post. If your posts are constant sales pitches your audience won’t see value in the posts and quickly lose interest in your brand or business.

Have Your Inner Circle Follow You

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to share your posts often. This will allow all of their inner circles to be exposed to your social media. If your content is coming from people they know, they will most likely trust your content more and have a better chance of interacting with your brand.

Be Consistent

Being consistent with your posts promotes engagement from your followers, and also creates anticipation for your next post. Posting 2-3 times a day is recommended to keep your presence relevant in people’s minds. Constantly posting on social media will also help boost your rank on search engines. Posting every day for a week and then not posting for 3 weeks will not keep people engaged and excited about your brand or business.

Incorporate Images

Incorporating images into your posts is known to greatly increase your social media engagement. One study showed that interaction increased by 85% with visual posts.

Create A Poll

Creating a poll is a great way to catch the attention of your followers and encourage interaction. On Instagram, you can simply make a poll on your story. For Twitter and Facebook, you can post a poll by telling your followers to like your post for one option and retweet/share your post for the other option. A trick here is to make a guess at what the popular option will be and make that option the one to retweet/share. This will help your posts be seen by more people.

Have Incentive for People to Interact

Provide incentives for people to engage with your content. Everyone likes to win free things on social media! Use giveaways, contests, quizzes, etc. to seek engagement from your followers. Once people win, make sure to post photos of your followers with the prize they won. This will show others that people actually win and get their prize, which will provide an incentive for them to interact with your next contest or giveaway.

The main key to getting people to engage with your posts is to provide valuable information they want to learn about and provide entertainment for them. By giving your followers content that they are interested in and entertained by, you are more likely to keep your following and continue to grow.

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