How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

Your Google My Business profile is extremely important as it helps customers find you on Google. The reviews on your profile are just as crucial! It has been found that online reviews influence 93% of people. As a first impression, potential customers will see these reviews as a source of credibility. The better the reviews, the more likely they are to consider your product or service. Follow along as we go over the importance of positive reviews and a strategy to increase them. 

The Importance of Google Reviews

    • More Leads: As mentioned above, looking at Google Reviews is a huge factor in consumer’s purchasing decisions. Having an abundance of reviews keeps potential customers on your profile longer as they read through. 
  • Higher Rank: Google rewards businesses with frequent, authentic, and positive reviews. The more you have on your GMB profile, the more likely you are to be shown results. 
  • Low Cost: Google reviews do not cost you anything; they are like a free endorsement on the world’s largest platform

How to Get More Google Reviews

Many companies may be hesitant to ask their customers or clients for reviews outright, but it is critical if you want to get more reviews on your GMB profile. The ways to gain more positive reviews can be pretty straightforward. 

Create a Google Reviews Page on Your Website

One strategy to gain more positive reviews would be dedicating an entire page to your website. This page should be accessible by the main menu and easy for website visitors to find. The page should contain existing reviews for potential customers to read and a link to your GMB review page for existing customers who may be inspired to leave their own reviews. 

Review Call-to-Actions

If you are not interested in an entire page on your website or to add even more opportunities, you can add review call-to-action buttons around your website. A review button may prompt existing customers to go and leave you a review. 

Promote on Social Media

For businesses with a loyal following, share your Google Review link across your social media platforms to encourage your customers and followers to leave a review. 

Email Campaigns

If your business has a thorough email list, email campaigns are an effective way to ask your customers to leave a review. Be clear about what you are asking for in these email campaigns, as their purpose is to gain reviews. 


No matter what strategy your business uses to gain reviews, Google Reviews are crucial. For those looking for more information, reach out to the SEO professionals at Boston Web Marketing. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form.

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