How Do I Get More Blog Topic Ideas?

Blogs are a great way to increase traffic to your website whether you have a business or are simply posting for personal enjoyment. That being said it can become very difficult to think of new and fresh ideas to repeatedly write about. You’ll also notice that depending on your niche you’ll either find it very easy or very hard to come up with topics. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing common questions about blog topics and how most people think you should obtain them.

Can I Steal Topics From Others?

You should never steal anything from any other website or business, especially your content. That being said it’s not a bad idea to use your competitors as a way to brainstorm new ideas. By looking at their content and titles you can gain numerous keywords that can hopefully spark a great idea. Simply search your niche in your preferred search engine and have a look at the titles that rise up in your search results. Then try and make an idea based on all the other titles you saw and enjoyed.

Should I Use AI For My Topics?

First and foremost never use AI to create a blog for you, your website should always have human-made original content if you want it to succeed. But, similar to using the ideas of others you can ask AI to help you think of new engaging ideas. Maybe you don’t like any of the topics AI has to offer, but at least now your brain has a general gauge of what kind of topics you should be thinking of. You can always have your AI regenerate new topics until something finally sticks out to you. Once you have a topic idea you can put your own twist on the titles and how exactly you’d wish to write the article.

Are There Analytics I Can Use?

If you have already been posting blogs on your website and are hitting writer’s block then a great idea is to view your analytics. By viewing which kinds of blogs and topics have succeeded throughout the past months you can then think of a topic based on those categories. For example, if you notice in analytics that blogs about toys do well on your page then try and think of a topic in that area. Not only will you narrow down your topic ideas but you’ll also positively be influencing traffic to your website by posting what your readers want.

Need Blog Help On Your Website?

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