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How Do I get Google to Index my Tweets?

A lot of business owners create a Twitter account specifically for the reason of increasing their ranking on Google. While it does increase your online presence, it doesn’t necessarily increase your ranking on the search engine.  For Google to index your tweets you need to have a huge following on Twitter. How huge? There was a study done by Stone Temple Consulting which recently found that you need to have at least 1 million followers to be indexed on Google. Their study followed 20 tweets over 963 Twitter accounts, of those 963 accounts 58 had more than 1 million followers and all of them had at least 30% of their tweets indexed. The accounts in the group that had at 500,000 or more only indexed 10% of the time. So, the more followers you have, the greater the chance that your tweets and Twitter account will be indexed.

Another interesting aspect of indexing tweets is that no matter how many followers you have, it will always take a while to index the tweets. In the experiment they found that even accounts with greater than 5 million followers, only 6% of them indexed within 24 hours and only grows to 15% within 48 hours.

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