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How Do I Get Google Review Links After Switching To The New G+?

After Google rolled out their new G+ update, it left a lot of people scratching their heads as to why they made certain changes and adjustments. One of the largest concerns was how to access to review links that are now rendered broken due to the new update.

The new G+ rollout is Google’s latest attempt to revamp their social media page, which prior to the update was only used mostly by SEOs and business owners. Now, however, general users will have access to a brand’s page on the right side of brand searches. The new Google My Business page has been turned into a business’ Google Maps listing.

Although these changes were not as surprising and will be helpful for users, the broken customer review links are quite bothersome for business owners. Owners can no longer send customers to their Google Plus page so that they can leave reviews, which prompted SEOs to start getting creative.

The site launched a new tool called the Review Link Generator that has garnered nods of approval from sites such as Search Engine Land. After clicking into this page, simply enter the name of your business and the ZIP code. Click the “Get Google Review Links” button and watch the system work its magic. A list should come up with the name, or names, of your company. There should only be one option to choose from, unless you have multiple business locations.

Once you’ve clicked the appropriate option, you will then be provided five links, the second of which you should use to update your “Leave us a review” link in order for customers to continue leaving reviews.

For more details and advanced options, check out Search Engine Land’s latest post.

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