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How Do I Find the Most Popular Keywords for Searching My Business?

Keyword research is the process of using SEO tools and popular trends to identify and track the search terms related to your business or field that are most used by your target audience. By using these terms in your website’s metadata, header tags, and written content, you can increase the likelihood that your page will be found and clicked on.

Importance of Keyword Research for SEO

In less than a second, a simple search can lead you to millions of results relevant to any question you might have. With an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, people are drawn to the first link they find useful. Search engines use a set algorithm based on many factors to determine which content is the most relevant and placed higher on a results page. You can boost the ranking of your website pages and land higher on a search engine results page by increasing the number of popular keywords and search terms in your on and off-page SEO content. As you increase the number of phrases included, you can also increase the chances your site will be clicked on and a conversion can be made.

If you are routinely writing blogs for your website, keyword research can be helpful towards brainstorming and narrowing down topic ideas. By identifying what people are looking for most online, you can curate content that answers their questions and showcase your expertise and reliability.

Google Analytics & Search Console

The easiest and most commonly used method to discover trending keywords, search terms, and phrases is to use Google marketing tools. Google Search Console is an application that allows you to observe and track the performance of your website. Besides calling attention to any errors or technical issues, Search Console also provides a definitive ranking of keywords used to find your business or those similar. You can find this list by logging in and viewing the Queries report. Google Analytics is another tool that offers a Full Queries Report. By following the menu options to Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries, you can view popular keywords that were used to bring customers to your pages.

Understand the Interests of Your Audience

Besides using an online tool to find commonly used keywords, you can also base your content on the interests of your audience. Using a direct method, you can use your social media to ask your followers what they want to know more about when it comes to your business and services. You can accomplish this using features such as Instagram Stories or LinkedIn Polls. A more indirect approach is through a basic analysis of your more popular services. If you can identify what your audience is looking for and why they chose your company over others, you can use these details in your keywords and overall created content.

Track Current Trends

Usually, what is currently trending online is directly related to popular trends in society. This can be based on new technologies, products, and services offered both on and offline. By tracking what is most popular among your target audience, you can create blogs, social media posts, and website pages that have the highest potential for goal conversions. It is important to note that social trends are constantly evolving and are at risk for sudden disinterest. By reaching out to an SEO specialist at Boston Web Marketing, you constantly track what is currently popular, and stay one step ahead of the competition by identifying trends before they even occur.

Study the Competition

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ websites can also be an efficient way to discover the best keywords and phrases. Through the process of keyword competitive analysis, you can find the keywords that your business opponents are ranking for that you are not yet. You can compare their ranking phrases to yours and check for any overlap to weed out those that you already have included on your own pages before adding the new keywords.

Contact a Professional SEO Agency to Maximize Your Results in Boston, MA

Performing keyword research can be a long and tedious process that is essential for fully optimizing your website and increasing your ranking for SERPs. By routinely checking for trending keywords and phrases to add to your metadata, social media captions, and website content, you can increase your online traffic and goal conversion rate. When your content ranks higher, it becomes easier to find and increases the odds for users to not only visit your site but potentially become a customer. For further information on keyword research, or general questions about optimizing your website or social media accounts, contact the expert SEO team at Boston Web Marketing. Give us a call today at 857-526-0096, or fill out our contact form, and let’s get started today!

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