How do I find a “Google Expert” within a digital marketing agency?

In 2021, almost every type of business has some sort of digital engagement strategy or marketing investment. Apps, mobile-friendly websites, and digital interactions continue to scale at a staggering rate due to the high levels of engagement between users and digital marketing platforms. But out of all the types of marketing campaigns available to businesses, search engine optimization (SEO) on Google earns the top spot.

Google dominates search engine usage across the globe with upwards of 85-92% of all search engine traffic acquired through Google. The search engine giant has gained such a dominant share of users’ attention that “googling” is a common verb or expression to look up a topic online. Businesses continue to vie for the attention of users on Google, which can be scaled and optimized with the help of a digital marketing agency.

But how do you, the business owner or manager, determine which agency is going to fit best for your SEO needs on Google?

Many digital marketing agencies advertise themselves as “digital gurus,” “social media ninjas,” and other types of attention grabbing titles. But that is usually just all it is: a simple attention grab. However, business owners can accurately identify if a digital marketing has the talent, resources, and ability to drive high returns on search engine marketing. The following list of certifications, service types, and industry leadership can help you find a “Google Expert” in no-time!

Step 1: Make sure they have a Google Premier Partner Certification

The best digital marketing agencies for Google are certified as a Google Premier Partner, which means they have access to Google-specific events, training, personnel, and pay-per-click (PPC) products not available to uncertified agencies. The simplest way to tell? Look for this logo on their website home page or about us page:

An agency that is a certified Google Premier Partner can continually train staff and team members on the latest tools and optimization techniques directly from Google. Certified Google partners also need to meet rigorous requirements to maintain their partnership including individual training and staff assessments of Google skills.

Step 2: Check to see both organic and paid search service options

A marketing agency may offer content writing services and creative work, which is great, but a marketing partner that is highly qualified in paid search and organic search is key to successful SEO on Google.

Organic search optimization, which aims to rank websites and content for primary keywords, includes content updates and technical optimizations,  off-page SEO work, and other SEO specialization for your business. Paid search or PPC is one of the fastest-growing and highest-return strategies to ranking a new website quickly and broadening search placement for existing keywords. When combined, a well-rounded organic and paid search strategy can quickly rank your website for primary keywords.

Explore an agencies website and see if they have a dedicated blog to updating users about the latest in digital marketing and search optimization. See if they have any testimonials on their search marketing outcomes for clients and review their other services related to SEO.

Step 3: Contact Boston Web Marketing for Google-Certified Search Optimization

The fastest way a business can get started on working directly with a Google Premier Partner that has significant experience running paid and organic SEO strategies is to contact Boston Web Marketing today

We work with businesses of all sizes to scale your search engine marketing, optimize paid search, and build a website that ranks competitively on Google. If you have any more questions we encourage you to keep reading our blog for latest updates, see our other services, and contact us for a free website audit and consultation.

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