How Do I Explain SEO To A Client?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, can be a complicated and confusing term. SEO is the process and the techniques of getting organic traffic to your website and helping your website rank higher on search engines like Google. With no knowledge about SEO, it leaves many business owners confused and overwhelmed by the process. This is where an SEO company comes in handy! With expertise and knowledge in all things SEO, they can provide SEO for your company and take the weight off your shoulders. SEO is ever-changing, and the latest technology and algorithms are constantly evolving. It is crucial to keep up with these changes and be able to explain SEO to a client so they understand. If you are looking for how to explain SEO to a client, continue reading below for these four tips.

4 Tips For Explaining SEO To A Client


1. Set expectations

From the start, it is essential to let your client know that SEO is a process that takes some time to see results. Most clients expect results within a few weeks and hope to rank #1 for trending keywords. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and SEO takes at least a few months to produce strong, organic results. It may be difficult to tell your client to be patient, especially when they are eager to start their SEO journey with you. It is crucial to let your patient know SEO isn’t a quick fix, but being patient and waiting for your SEO to kick in is well worth the wait in the end. 

2. Understand their knowledge of SEO

As mentioned before, SEO can be confusing for most people to understand. A lot goes into the SEO process from start to finish. Keywords, ranking, metadata, content, and so on are all critical in SEO. Many businesses are not entirely aware of SEO, so we must understand to what extent they know already. When we get a better idea of where they stand, it allows us to find a way to communicate with them and determine whether or not we need to explain things more in-depth. We must break down our words into simpler terms so they understand the meaning behind everything. Not everyone is an SEO expert; it is our job to ensure our clients understand the terminology and are visually shown their progress and results.

3. Inform them SEO is for humans, not bots

With all the algorithms and search bots, it can seem like SEO is not made for humans to read. Search engines like Google use algorithms and bots to help humans find content that is relevant to them. With that said, SEO should be made for humans because they are the ones who read the content that is created. It is a good idea to tell your client that with SEO, they will receive a better customer relationship with all the users interacting on their website and reading their content. Users can easily navigate through and enjoy the content when things are clear, straightforward, and easy to read. This will help build your brand or business by having more happy customers interact and leave reviews for your business.

4. Keep them informed

Although they may not have the same SEO experience as we do, they should be kept informed of your actions. After all, you are working on their business and website, so they should be kept in the loop and have some say on some of the things you do. When first working with a client, it is a good idea to update them every couple of weeks to inform them of everything you have done. After they get the gist of SEO and the plans, you have moving forward, updating them monthly will be a good plan moving forward. It is important to get their approval before posting any pages, blogs, or social media posts. It is their name and business, so it is important to keep them “in the know”. It also looks good for you as an SEO specialist because you can build a relationship with them and stay on top of your SEO game!

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