How Do I Engage My Followers on Social Media?

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your business and increase website visits and SEO. However, it’s important that your social media followers are regularly engaging with your posts to optimize your social media presence. Here are six tips to increase social media engagement:

Give A Shout Out To Your Fans/Customers:

Retweeting or sharing a post that your fan-made is a great way to get people excited about the potential of you sharing their post on your page. It shows that you care about your customer’s feedback and that you are willing to give them recognition. This will get more people to engage and send you more material.

Ask Questions In Your Posts:

Ask a question to your followers to provoke a response. If someone comments on your post, then all of those people’s friends will see your post as well. If you are a sports company, ask “What was your favorite play in the NBA this season?” or if you are a transportation company “What events are you going to in Boston this weekend?”. Lastly, if you do contractor work, post before and after photos and ask your fan base “What do you think of this new kitchen we remodeling? What’s your favorite part?

Fill In The Blank Status:

Say you’re a private school or college that has many events throughout the year, your status could be “My favorite event in 2013 at St. Mary’s Prep School was ______ because _____.” This gives your followers a fun way to engage in your Social Media posts.

Like vs. Share Polls

Post a photo with a caption, and give the follower two options to choose from. One option the fan will need to like to vote and the other option the fan will need to share to vote. If you are a hockey equipment supplier, you could ask “Easton or Bauer, what’s your favorite brand? “Like” for Easton, “Share” or Bauer.

Use Hashtags

Facebook was one of the last social media giants to adopt hashtags, but they can be very helpful when people do a hashtag search for something they are looking for. Say you’re a car salesman, you would want to write “Looking for a #NewCar? Stop by our dealership and test drive any of our #Audi or #BWM vehicles.” This can be effective if done properly, you just want to make sure you are hashtagging popular terms and are not overusing them.

Offer Promotions

Providing incentives can be a great way to increase social media engagement. For example, you could give away $25 gift cards every once in a while, or do a big iPad giveaway to draw lots of attention to your page. Make the rules along the lines of “In order to be entered in this promotion, you will need to like our page and share this status. Once we have a list of everyone who has done those two tasks, we will draw a name as a winner. This will promote more engagement and more likes.

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