How Do I Effectively Use Keywords?

Utilizing industry-specific keywords is crucial as search engines like Google, Bing, etc. use keywords as a target point when filtering top search results. By utilizing relevant and specific keywords you are giving your site the best opportunity to be seen, indexed, and ranked.

There are many ways to effectively optimize your usage of keywords in your content. Here are a few areas to add keywords to:

  1. Meta Description: The most basic way is to add your keywords to your meta titles and meta descriptions. Adding in a primary keyword instantly optimizes the website content for SEO and readability. 
  2. Blog Titles: include a keyword in your article or blog title, this will allow Google to understand what your content is about quickly and concisely. 
  3. Throughout Blogs: Include your keywords throughout your blog or articles when appropriate.
  4. H1, H2, H3 Tags: Headings are a must-have and allow you the opportunity to break up your content, they also give Google signals to know what is important in your content. Including a keyword in these tags shows the search engine that the term is relevant in the context of your piece.

How Many Keywords Should You Use On A Page?

A general rule of thumb is to include a keyword every 100-200 words. However, a large portion of this depends on the length of your blog or webpage. You don’t want to overuse your keywords within the content and overstuff them as you may risk losing the flow and consistency of your piece of content. Keeping that in mind will elevate your blog post or webpage and will include content as well as keywords. 

How to Find Your Keywords?

Figuring out the right SEO keywords for your website is a trial and error-process. Keyword research is essential to finding which keywords provide you with the opportunity to target the audience and queries you want to capitalize on. To find your best keywords for SEO purposes you should: 

  1. Make a list of relevant topics based on your website and list their monthly volume. This will help you see which topic is important to your target audience
  2. Search related industries 
  3. Utilize keyword research tools to find generated keywords

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