How do I effectively design a call to action button?

A call to action (CTA) button is a great way to get the user of a website to perform an action or lead them to an additional page with more information.

Size When making a call to action button, you should take into consideration how important the action is to the size of the button. The more importance an action has, the larger the button should be. Ranking the importance of a CTA could be the difference of a read more or a contact us now button.

Placement The location, of the CTA button can lead to higher landing page exchanges because people will notice the button and do the action. Putting the button in a spot like the top right of a page will usually make users remember that spot and they’ll come back to perform the action. Placing a CTA button with a lot of white space surrounding it will make the button pop on the page and easier to notice. Another alternative, is placing two CTA butons next to each other so users have two action routes available to them.

Urgency Using words like “Call Now” can give users the impressions that now is the time to perform the action and that they shouldn’t wait. Words like “now” and “immediately” can portray the sense of urgency when creating CTA buttons.


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