How do I decide what schema markup to include on my site?

We’ve done many blogs and FAQs on schema markup, covering what schema is and what it does, how it differs from rich snippets, and a strange interaction between non-schema rich snippets and Google’s own tags on Google SERPs. But like most subjects in the SEO industry, there’s so much more to know. Schema markup offers a broad selection of categories that send different signals to SERPs; so how do you decide what schema markup to include on your site?

Again, like most subjects in the SEO industry, the answer depends on your website and what it’s there to do. A recent article on Search Engine Land provides a nice starting place, outlining the different categories of schema markup, what information they relay to a search engine, and their appropriateness for different categories of website. Depending on how you want your website to appear on SERPs, you may want to use certain schema markup over others.

As tempting as it may be to include the whole kit n’ kaboodle for your business, remember: more is not always better. It is possible to drown out the vital for the sake of including everything.

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