How Do I Deal with Social Media Glitches?

This afternoon, Instagram had a temporary glitch that sent a majority of Instagrammers into a frenzy.  Users were hit with “server error” messages, hindering them from scrolling their newsfeeds and posting pictures.

If you didn’t post a picture of your meal, you didn’t really eat, right?

If you have a social media business profile, you might be thinking about what to do when social media networks like Instagram temporarily crash.

For businesses, social media has become an integral aspect of engaging with their customers as well as gaining leads.  When an outside platform beyond the company’s control crashes, it can have a significant impact on the business’s social media performance.  Social media crashes can lead to consumer frustration and hinder productivity.

When social media networks crash, there’s no real need to panic.  These networks are constantly working on updating their functionality and are acutely aware of when there are crashes.  Instagram was able to resolve the glitch within an hours time.  Social media glitches like the one Instagram experienced are temporary and can last for a matter of a few minutes to a couple of hours.

However, if you’re concerned about losing some of your media due to a temporary glitch, there are a few steps to take to make sure your content is saved and secure.

  • Following the social media glitch, check your account if your recent post uploaded to your account.
  • Save the original post if you’re taking live photos from the app. Apps like Instagram make it easy to post content directly on the app, but you should also save original copy of the post.
  • Keep back-ups and duplicates of your content secure sites like DropBox, Flickr, and Google Photos. For written content, keep an open document of your copy so you don’t forget the wording of the post.

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