How Do I Deal with Negative Comments?

With social media creating an open dialogue between companies and consumers, comments on your posts will not always be positive.
Sometimes, the negative feedback isn’t always based on facts, just a customer holding a grudge, so how do you manage negative comments on social forums?
Here are five ways to manage negative online comments.

Set Alerts for Your Business

You can’t respond if you didn’t know about the comment in the first place.  The best way to quickly respond to negative feedback is to actively monitor and create alerts for your mentions.
Using reputation management and alert platforms such as Google Alerts, assists with regularly monitoring social media mentions as well as magazine and newspaper highlights and features.

Document the Feedback

The first thing you should do when you receive a negative comment online is to take a screenshot.  The consumer has power to delete or modify their post, so be sure to have proof of their message in the event that it escalates into a social media crisis.
You might be tempted to just delete the comment but keeping record and responding to negative commentary shows other users how you handle conflict online.  But if you think the comment should be removed from your profile, you should consider blocking and deleting comments with derogatory, prejudice, or inappropriate content that violates social media policies.

Respond Quickly

Irate customers usually take to social media to post negative responses with hopes of having their voice heard, and to trigger an emotional response.  An immediate solution to the situation may not always be applicable, but at least quickly acknowledging the customer’s complaint can avoid further negative commentary, especially from other customers.

Offer an Apology

Beginning your response with a list of excuses for why an incident occurred can provoke an irate customer.  All the customer cares about is the “inconvenience” that was caused.
Apologizing even if you are not in the wrong can be a tough pill to swallow, but a sincere apology prevents an opportunity for the issue to escalate, as well as shows future customers that you value the opinions of previous customers.
Avoid taking the comment personally and craft your response from the viewpoint of the customer.

Don’t Feed into Internet Trolls

Of course, there will always be a few that want to cause trouble, specially in the digital realm.
Because any interaction fuels their behavior, avoid continuing the conversation in the comments section, and offer to connect via phone or email to resolve the issue offline.

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