How Do I Create SEO-Friendly Content?

There is no right or wrong way to create content for your website or business. However, by implementing keyword research, catchy titles, header tags, optimized images, internal and external links, and more, you will create content that will rank higher among search engines and users. By implementing these tools you will create SEO-friendly content that can take your website content to the next level, benefiting your business tremendously. 


What Is SEO Writing?

SEO-friendly writing does not mean keyword-stuffed content. Instead, it means writing content with the ultimate purpose of ranking higher on search engines and among your targeted audience and viewers. To achieve SEO writing you must use relevant keywords that pertain to your industry. By using these keywords in your writing you create optimized content that answers the user’s question or intent.


How Do I Start Creating SEO-Friendly Content?

To begin creating SEO-friendly content you must start with keyword research. By beginning with the research you are allowing yourself to understand the terms your targeted audience is searching for. This allows you to determine search intent, header tags, meta descriptions, and the right format that will allow you to perform the best.


How to Find Your Keywords?

Figuring out the right SEO keywords for your website is a process that involves trial and error. To find your best keywords for SEO purposes you should: 

  • Make a list of relevant topics based on your website and industry and list their monthly volume. By doing so you see which topic is important to your target audience.
  • Search-related industries.
  • Utilize keyword research tools to find generated keywords.
  • Test and alter depending on results.

How Do I Structure My Posts?

To properly structure your posts, use keyword-rich headlines. By using H2, H3, and H4 header tags you are allowing the user to find an answer quickly and efficiently. This will help your content perform better from an SEO standpoint.


Should I Add Images?

Yes! Users love visuals, by adding the correct optimized image to your content you are adding additional visual appeal. It is crucial that you use images that pertain to your subject matter, and of course, add alt text to further boost your SEO ranking.


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