How Do I Create Instagram Reels?

Reels are the best way to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram. No matter what industry your business is in, there are more than enough ideas you can use to create Reels for your page! If you aren’t used to creating your own social media posts or have never used Reels, this guide will help you create the perfect content for your business. The experts at Boston Web Marketing are here to help create a social media strategy for any brand.

Creating Your Reel

Reels are short-form videos that can be used to entertain, inspire, or educate your audience. They’re in an endless, scrollable format similar to TikTok, and you don’t have to follow an account to see their Reels. They’re suggested to users based on interest, making them a perfect way to reach a new audience. Reels can also be wildly beneficial to your website’s SEO

Here we have a breakdown of creating your own Instagram Reels in four easy steps.

Plan Out your Concept

Perhaps the most important aspect of creating your Reel is planning out the concept. Ask yourself a few questions before getting started: What topics make sense and are relevant for my business? How will Reels be cohesive with the rest of my feed? Who is our audience, and what is the best way to speak to them?

Once you have an answer to these questions, take time to look at other Reels on the app and take note of different aesthetics, sounds, stickers, and other visuals to become inspired. Then take the time to storyboard the content ideas to see what clips you’ll need to create the Reel. 

Record your Reel

Once you have everything you’ll need, it’s time to record your Reel! You can shoot your clips externally and upload them, or you can record them right in the Instagram app. Go to the Reels tab and select the camera icon in the top right corner. From there, either click the button in the center of the screen to begin recording or upload your clips by selecting the plus sign in the bottom left corner.

Add music to your Reel by selecting the music notes on the left part of the screen and perusing through the sound library on Instagram. You can also use your own audio by recording the Reel with it.

You can also add effects to your Reels, trim, delete or edit clips within the app, and use sections of audio clips instead of the entire thing. Once you have recorded your Reel, it’s time to add effects!

Add Additional Effects

To add effects to your Reel, select Preview. From here, you can add text, stickers, filters, different audio and AR effects. To get as many eyes on your Reel as possible, use a trending audio with your clip. These will have a small arrow pointing up as you are scrolling through Reels. 

Share your Reel

Once you’ve added all of your effects, click “Next,” create a caption, and add a cover photo. Whatever you choose as your cover photo will be what is on your home feed if someone views your Instagram. 

At this step, you can tag other users or invite a collaborator to your post. This will allow the post to be shared with both your’s and the other collaborator’s followers. If your audio is your own, you can rename the sound to whatever is best applicable. Finally, click “Share” to post your new Reel!

Create Instagram Reels with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at Boston Web Marketing are knowledgeable on all things digital marketing. From email marketing to social media strategy, we are here to help build your brand. If you are ready to start taking advantage of Instagram’s newest features, reach out to Boston Web Marketing to get started!

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