How Do I Create An Effective Call To Action?

It is important that the content on your site is not only relevant to the user but that it also provides the user with an organized path that will help them get the information or services that they desire. This can include anything from content on a landing page, blog page, basic web page, or any paid ad that you might be running. It is important that the information is not only relevant to the reader but addresses a specific need. This can include anything from offering a free quote, limited-time deals, special offers to new clients, and so much more. Before we dive into how to utilize a call to action, lets first explore what it actually is!

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action can be anything from a button, banner, graphic text, QR code, or image on your website that prompts visitors to click for more information.  Without a call to action on your website, it will be unclear to your audience on what the next step is to acquire your services.

Call to action buttons use colorful language and verbs such as sign up, register, call, subscribe, contact us, or buy now to draw people in. A call to action must include some sort of incentive for visitors to click to be effective. While it will be static on many pages, it is important that this message stays consistent with the content. Some examples might be providing a “free quote” “free demo” or “free diagnostic” for a service you are trying to sell. Looking for more examples of how a call to action can be used, click here to see 50 CTAs in action.

Where Can I Apply A CTA?

A CTA can be applied anywhere that you are trying to drive action and engagement, it can be anything from a dedicated landing page to a link in a social post. The overall style is not as relevant as the message is. CTAs can be found on websites, newsletters, email campaigns, paid ads; essentially anywhere that someone will see your message, but might need a nudge in the right direction.

How Can I Create An Effective Call To Action?

Give Multiple CTA Options
One surefire way to optimize your existing call to action strategy is to provide a user with choice! By displaying various CTA buttons or links on one page gives customers the power choose what they believe the next step in the process should be for their specific needs.

While it does serve as an effective call to action, it is generally recommended to refrain from creating multiple calls to actions with verbiage that includes “Click Here” as it does not provide the user with any descriptive information. Why should they click here? If you can’t answer this question it may be time to go back to the drawing board! Effective alternatives to Click here are: “shop now” “contact us” and “learn more”. This can allow the user to decide if they want to contact you specifics on the product, allows them to learn more, and gives them the option to buy direct. This can help to form a truly unique experience on your site.

What Is An Example Of A Call To Action?
Look down!

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