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How Do I Create a Successful Newsletter?

So you’ve decided to start a newsletter. Now how do you generate one that’s going to be worth your time and effort? When it comes down to it, there’s no “one secret” to creating a successful newsletter. Read and implement these 5 elements in order to construct a worthy newsletter!

Know Your Audience

The main purpose of sending a newsletter is to provide information or resolve a problem. If you try to sell dog food to someone who doesn’t own a dog, it’s not going to get you anywhere; the same goes for newsletters. Sending generic newsletters that don’t cater to your audience’s needs, WILL fail. The most important factor of newsletters is sending them to the correct audience, so make sure you know who you are trying to target before creating a newsletter.

Create a Catchy Subject Line

To improve open and click-through rates, your audience must first open the newsletter. In order to do this, you must entice readers with interesting subject lines. Even if it’s your monthly newsletter, change the subject line for every email.

Don’t Go Overboard With Selling

When it comes to writing a successful newsletter, stick to the mantra “telling before selling”. Newsletters should be used to educate your audience rather than sell them something. Use call to actions such as “More Info” or “Learn More Here” rather than “Buy Now”, to capture your audience’s attention.

Use the Right Content

When it comes to creating a newsletter, stick to one core idea per email. Use the following examples of customer-focused subjects:

  • Problems and solutions
  • Lists and tips
  • Technological developments
  • Industry news and trends
  • Case studies

Use a Creative Design

The design of your newsletter can play a big part in improving open and click-through rates. Make sure the newsletter is clean, complements the content, uses engaging photos and graphics, and is mobile responsive. Oh, and color is a must.

Pick the Right Time

Many surveys have concluded that the best times for sending emails are outside standard office hours on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. However, these times may vary due to the type of business. The best way to know when to send your newsletter is to test them and collect data to find the best times to launch.


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