How Do I Create a Great Landing Page for Adwords?

Your AdWords landing page is an excellent opportunity to convince your customer base to purchase your product, click on a link from your website, or download something directly from your site. In order to optimize the conversion rates on your site, you need to generate high quality landing pages that have fresh and original content that is also relevant to your keywords.

Your landing page should coincide with your ad, meaning the keywords on your landing page should be the same keywords as your ad. The content of your page should be appropriate and deliver what your ad is promising.  Having your landing page with similar content to your ad will also increase your quality score.

Landing pages also help keep the PPC process moving; you cannot have a great AdWords campaign unless your landing page is relevant and full of content and keywords.

Here are some tips and tricks to create a quality landing page for AdWords:

  • Multiple Calls To Action: Make sure your companies full address, name, hours, and phone number are clearly displayed. You want your customers to gain as much information as possible without having to navigate through your site. Also, add a contact form; it provides an easy way for customers to contact your business about any inquiries they may have.
  • Multiple Clickable Buttons: These are great for creating simple buttons that link to information on directions or checking in online, they generally look like this.

check in online



  • Provide a Good Overall User Experience: Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate, the titles and content are relevant to the ad, and the words are targeted to your specific customer.



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