How do I create a Facebook Ad?

If you are looking to engage your client’s customers through Facebook, a proactive step is to create a Facebook Ad. The following steps will help you create and manage your Facebook Ads.

  1. Have your client log into their personal Facebook account & search Ads Manager.
  2. On the left hand side, choose Billing, Payment Methods & add their payment method.
  3. On the left again, choose Settings, Add a User & have your client enter your email address. Make sure you are set as the Ad Account Advertiser.
  4. Once you have access, go to Campaigns on the left & choose Create Ad.
  5. Choose the objective for your campaign.
  6. Enter details of who you want it to reach (location, age, gender, etc.)
  7. Make sure you choose ‘Only people not connected to YOUR COMPANY’.
  8. For your budget, start off with $5/day.
  9. You can choose a start & stop date for your campaign or have it run continuously from the day you create it.
  10. Select any images that you would like to be shown in your ad.
  11. Enter the text to be displayed.
  12. You can then see how it will be viewed on your desktop, mobile & right column news feeds.
  13. Once you are done, complete the order & you are good to go.

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