How Do I Control My Site Links?

If you don’t know what site links are, read our previous article here.  If your website is indexing well, you may notice that your results on SERPs will look something like this:


We’ll start off first by saying there is no way of choosing which pages show up on your site links.  We all wish we could put out most popular pages in search results but that’s not how it works here.  You can only choose which pages you DON’T want showing up as site links.

This can be useful if some of your site links happen to be thank you pages, service area pages, or hidden pages that you don’t want the public to see.  To demote a page, you will need to have Google Webmaster Tools verified for your website. After you have done that, go to your site dashboard and click on “Sitelinks” under the “Search Appearance” tab on the left side.


Last step is to simply demote the url of the page that you don’t want to appear as a sitelink in search results.


That’s it! You’re done!


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