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How Do I Claim My Business on Yahoo?

When Yahoo outsourced their local listings to Yext, the verification process became less convenient for the user. While Yext offers the ability to add multiple listings at once, it’s primarily a paid service, which makes it considerably inconvenient to add or claim a free listing on Yahoo.

Most business owners don’t have the time and patience to purchase and learn how to use Yext’s Premium Plans, and despite how difficult Yext/Yahoo make it, there’s still a way to add a free listing. Because Yahoo is still used by a large, albeit shrinking number of people, every business owner should still add their business to Yahoo.

To add your listing, start by visiting this URL:

If you were to use a search engine to find how to add a listing, Yahoo would most likely direct you to this URL: Don’t try to add your listing through here, as it will only lead to their premium listings page.

The above two pages look virtually the same and the distinction is subtle: the correct one is purple while the incorrect one is orange. Once you enter in all your business’ info, it’ll display a bunch of listing sites. At the bottom in small font, is a hyperlink titled “claim basic listing”. Click on this and you’ll go through their now-straightforward verification process.

The final step requires you to upload a document of some form. Yahoo is surprisingly lenient about this step as even a magazine with your business’ address and name stamped on the front usually suffices. Yahoo generally takes a couple weeks to verify their listings but once your listing’s active, it can be easily edited using your login.

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