How Do I check if My Website is Mobile Friendly?

What does mobile-friendly mean?

Contrary to popular belief, the term “mobile-friendly website” does not simply mean that your website can be viewed on a phone. A mobile-friendly website is one that offers an overall good user experience by making the site easy to navigate on such a small screen.

A mobile-friendly website is responsive. What this means is the website can adapt to the change in screen size from an Iphone to a tablet seamlessly.

The Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google has created a tool known as the “Mobile-Friendly Test” for individuals wondering if their website is in fact mobile friendly. To access the tool, simply click here.



The first step is to type in the URL of the website you want to test, in my case I chose the website After typing in your site in the search bar and click “analyze”









Once the analysis is complete you will either get two messages at the top, “Awesome! This Page is mobile-friendly” or “Not mobile-friendly.” The analysis gives a number of important details as to why your site might not be mobile friendly.

Some of the reasons may be the text is too small, the links are too close together, and the mobile viewport is not set. It also displays how Googlebot sees the page, and provides some resources and frequently asked questions as to why the site might not be mobile friendly.

With the rise of mobile traffic expected to increase in 2015, it’s imperative your site is mobile-friendly and easy to access on phones and tablets. This tool from Google is an excellent way to provide a positive peace of mind for your website.



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