How Do I Change My Location In Google Search?

Have you ever wondered what a particular search would look like if you were located in a different city or state? Probably not, but if you are in the SEO industry like us, this is a helpful tool to see what others are seeing around the country.

To change your location, look for the “gear” icon in the upper right of a search. It looks something like this:

search gear

Click on that “gear” button and then click on ‘search setting’

search settings

This will take you to the search setting screen.  Click on location in the left menu and you can enter the city, state or address of your location. Click save when you have chosen a location.

search location screen


After you click save, this will set your location to whatever you choose.  For this example, I used San Francisco.  Lets look at what search results look like and compare them.

bike shops search results


As opposed to searching “bike shops in san francisco”

bike shops in san fran


As you can see the results are different so it’s good to check both.


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