How do I Build a Content Pipeline?

We know that content is king; producing quality content is always one of the best strategies to get your website ranking better on SERPs. Consistently producing content can be tough, though, so it’s essential to have a plan in place and processes to follow with your content team to avoid confusion. Even with a plan, it can be easy to get off track or feel overwhelmed by the amount of content you need to create. Let’s take a look at common issues with content marketing plans and how you can overcome them.

Writing for All Audiences

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “you can’t please everyone”, this is also true when it comes to content writing. Your customers aren’t all the same, but that doesn’t mean that you should be writing a dozen iterations of a similar content piece. When you create multiple versions of related content, it can confuse your readers and weaken your message. When you begin writing, it’s crucial to have a focus in mind; use analytics and trends and create content that has a clear intent.

Lack of Accountability

During brainstorming sessions, team members love to volunteer ideas, but sometimes these ideas are recorded, so they can never be implemented. Making sure that ideas are nurtured beyond just blurting out the first idea that comes to mind is essential. Fleshing out the ideas and holding the person who came up with the concept accountable will lead to more focused ideas and the real implementation of the plans.

Be an Expert on Everything

Knowing your readers and being authoritative on the subjects that they care about is vital for your website and SEO, but you can go too far. Becoming an expert in every facet of your niche or industry is tempting, but readers can often see right through this. If you have multiple writers creating content, they can become overwhelmed, and it’ll also become apparent that some writers are experts in some subjects and weaker in others.

Stick to a Schedule

Once you’ve created a content plan or pipeline, it’s important to stick to it. Along with the other tips in this blog, following your own schedule will help keep your strategy cohesive. Eliminating scrambling or last second publishing of content that looks out of place on your website becomes a lot easier when you have a clear, focused plan to follow. 

If you’re looking to improve your website’s content and grow it effectively, creating a strategy will allow you to get more done even if your resources are lacking. But it’s important to stick to the strategy; otherwise, you risk wasting content and human resources. 

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