How do I build a community around my blog posts?

Understanding Your Reader

Knowing your reader is crucial in building a community around your blog. By knowing them, you’ll identify how to solve your readers’ problems & tempt them to come back. Listen to your reader by checking Google Analytics, creating surveys or building personas.  A great way to hear back from readers is having an online chat as an option. Chatwoo is a free widget that allows readers to chat with each other & you the option to follow.

Be Personable

When you’re responding to readers, be personable & approachable. No one enjoys feeling like they are talking to a computer. If you are genuine, readers will response to your authenticity.  Using is a great way to ensure you don’t miss a Twitter mention & are able to respond to everyone.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is such a big part of where your readers are frequenting so why not bring discussions to those accounts? When posting to social media, make sure you are engaging with your audience by asking them what they think so you’re able to respond back.

Schedule Regular Meetups

The great thing about Twitter chat is that you can host consistent chats with your readers using hashtags. Hashtag the topic before & let the conversations start! Twchat allows you to assign speakers for each chat, making it easier to follow conversations.

Comment Back

Show appreciation to your readers by responding back to their comments on your blog. Even if you don’t agree with their comment, you can thank them for reading to show gratitude.

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