How do I avoid duplicate content on my site?

Why duplicate content is considered a black-hat SEO practice?

Duplicate content occurs when substance appears in more than one location on the internet.  This can make it difficult for search engines to pick which version would be more applicable to a search query when given.

What effects do you get with duplicate content?

  • Difficulties with pageranks
  • Google doesn’t like using the word penalty but if your entire site is made of entirely of recreated content, Google does not want to rank it.

How to prevent duplicate content?

  • Be consistent with your website
  • Keep links consistent.
  • Use 301-Redirects if you have relocated your website.
  • Avoid similar content
  • Provide more unique (ever green) content
  • Use rel=canonical to define preferred version of content
  • If you are going to have duplicate content on multiple pages, be sure to activate No Index, No Follow

Google wants to reward rich, unique, relevant, informative and outstanding content in it’s organic listings – and it’s really raised the quality bar over the last few years.As long as you’re aware of the issues of duplicate content it’s nothing to fear. It happens, Google knows it happens (even accidentally).

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