How Do I Avoid Doorway Pages?

Back in March Google updated its “Doorway Algorithm” which helped to improve the user’s experience on your website. Google has lowered or even eliminated the rankings of “Doorway Pages” which are pages that have been built to rank highly for the specific keyword but do not actually add value for the user. Doorway pages are bad for users because they can end up leading to similar low-quality content across multiple pages.

Write pages for users, not search engines: Make sure all content on your site is written for the user and not for search engines. Avoid pages that have been developed to simply attract traffic or pages that have been developed to rank for general search terms. Each page on your site should contain useful information to the user. Focus on the quality of these pages over the quantity.

Make sure all pages are navigable: Each page on your site should be accessible to the user. This means pages should be listed in the main menu navigation or linked to other pages on your site. You do not want to have pages on your site that are only accessible through organic search results or created for the sole purpose of funneling people to other parts of the website rather than actually severing a purpose to the site. These pages  have been created only for search engines and are not integrated into the rest of your site are considered “island pages”.

Include Internal Linking: Internal linking to relevant pages on your site is a great way to connect your pages and avoid island pages. If you have a page on a specific area in which you conduct business you can link back to the specific services you offer in that location. Adding photos and videos to help users get the full experience will also improve the quality of your pages and help you avoid doorway pages.

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