How Do I Approach Social Media As a Small Business?

In 2020, social media is a critical tool for businesses of all sizes to reach their clients on the internet. For small businesses with limited budgets, social media is especially important. Today, people are spending more time on social media than ever before. Social media is all about engagement and discussion; the best way to get your name in the conversation is to join it yourself. For businesses today, social media is one of the best ways to reach people locally. 

Which Social Media is Right For Me?

This is the first question that many business owners have when they decide to dive into social media is which platform to join. There are many options out there today, but you want to be where your customers and potential customers are most important. The industry that you’re involved in, as well as the behavior of your target audience, should be taken into account before joining a platform. Don’t jump on the newest social media platform if lipsyncing or dancing has nothing to do with your business. Small businesses need to use their time efficiently, especially when it comes to marketing. For most industries, Facebook is the best option, it has the most diverse user base and has the most users (Statista), so it’s the best place to reach the most people possibly interested in your products or services.

Develop a Presence 

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and it takes time to make your name on social media, especially as a relatively unknown small business when it comes to the internet. Take a focused and strategic approach to the platform. Your account won’t take off right away as a business; it takes time beyond creating a profile. You must create content that is worth people’s time; they are constantly bombarded with new information on your feed. Get creative with your posting and see what types of content users engage with. If you’re a home remodeler, for example, post before and after photos of your projects to show examples of your work. Share blogs that you write on your website and use emojis to help catch your readers’ eye. Don’t spam post, but post regularly and engage with content to show that your company is active and attentive. 

Get Involved

Don’t post for the sake of posting, but showing users that your involved helps your profile and helps you algorithmically. Engage with other local brands and institutions with hashtags and groups. Facebook and other social media aren’t places for hard selling. Be friendly and helpful on social media when you engage because anyone can be fruitful relationships. Engaging helps spread the word about your products and services more organically, make sure that your profile is user friendly and informative. Don’t let social media be an afterthought, it’s an essential place for businesses today. 

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