How Do I Add Alt Text to Images?

If you’ve read our blog post about optimizing images for SEO you will know that you need to add alt text to images so search engines can gather additional information about the images on your page.  If you have no idea what that mean, read our previous blog post for a refresher!

It is best practice to add alt text to all your images but how exactly do you do that? Luckily, most CMS like WordPress make it extremely easy to add this. You can add this in attachment details when you upload an image to your media library.

This is similar in many other CMS platforms. Any good CMS should give you an option to add alt text when you upload an image.

For HTML websites, you simply have to the alt text attribute to your image html code.

This is what your code should look like for an image on your html website:

To add the alt text attribute, simply add alt=”example alt text” to your image html code.  Here’s what it should look like:

That’s it! Make sure you add alt text to all the images you upload in the future!


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