How Do I Add a Manager or Owner to a Google My Business Page?

Recently, Google added the option to add additional owners to Google My Business pages and locations. If you are the owner of the business page, you can send out invitations to multiple users to own or manage the page with you. With this option, you’re able to grant more access of the business page to users without having to give your personal information.

To add a manager or owner in Google My Business, following the instructions below:

  • Choose your business page

boston web marketing google+ page

  • Under the left-hand dropdown, choose settings

boston web marketing google+ page settings

  • Choose managers and manage permissions

google+ managers

  • Click the icon in the right hand corner

  • Enter the email of the new manager or owner and choose their role

adding manager by email


Once the user accepts the invitation, they will have access to the business page and be able to see the other managers and owners of the page.

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