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How Do H-Tags Work?

H-tags are a specific piece of HTML coding that allows Google and other search engines to know what is important on the webpage. Every page can have multiple and different H-tags which start at H-1 and go through H-6. H-1 is most often used as the title of the page and then they go down in a hierarchy format. H-tags are used to make things stand out on the page and the headers are displayed in a larger font

H-Tags Explained

As your viewers scroll down your website, adding more H-tags will help them see what is more important. Your H-2 tag will help your reader visually and help them with the important pieces are on the page. Headers will guide your reader through the page. Headings should be used as subcategories for each other, your H-2 should be a subheader for your H-1 and so on.

Since headings follow a hierarchical structure, you need to make sure you are using H-1 before H-2 before H-3. You can use multiple headings as a structure if you are talking about a subtopic of that header.

Here is an example of what a good H-tag would be:

H-1: Snow Tires are Necessary for Winter

H-2: Why Snow Tires are Helpful

H-3: Snow Tires & Improved Safety

H-3: Snow Tires Cost

All of these H-1 through H-3 tags are related and in each paragraph, there will be information explaining each of these headers.

Headings and SEO

Headers do affect SEO because anything you want to be a topic and direct attention to, you should also be writing about it on the page and in the paragraph you are highlighting with that specific header.  The headers will help both the readers and Google understand what your page is about. Headers will also help improve on page optimization because you are diverting your reader’s and Google’s attention to specific areas.

Your focus header should be seen throughout the portion of the page that it is highlighting, and if it doesn’t, you are probably not using your header correctly. You should be using your header as a guide for each section when you switch topics, you switch headers.

Headers will help your readers stay interested in your articles and help Google understand what is important and what they should pay attention to. If you are interested in learning more about header tags and why they are necessary, check out our blog.

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